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common ground to make sure our tax laws are more competitive and simple. if we do that, i think we will send a message to the world america is open for business again. >> i think what the audience sought is he was asked a question about his senate record and he was talking about being governor. he is running for reelection to the united states senate. he had a fiscal irresponsibility. george came into the united states senate with historic surpluses. we were in great shape. by the time he left, we had massive deficits. he voted to increase the debt by $16,000 every second he was in the senate. he expanded medicare, which was good, but he did not pay for it. he was part of a senate and a house that declared two wars but did not pay for the wars and instead put them on the credit card for our kids to pay. he made a massive tax cuts to health -- to help the wealthy. he did not pay for them. we went from surplus to deficit. he voted four times to raise his own pay. he voted four times to raise the debt with it, he voted for 52,000 earmarks that totaled $121 billion. even george had to
of the damage, he was able to pick out different homes, well, my sister lives in this one, her father in law lives in this one. three elderly sisters, live side by side by side. he was able to see what was gone, what was missing. homes there that caught fire. we have others along the bay. those also completely destroyed. some of them have been knocked off foundations. others are sinking into the sand. there are those where the front have completely sheared off. all of that will have to be rebuilt. we did speak to some folks and they said, you know, it's a community and they will get it done. >> the exterior of the house is destroyed, and not only from the fire melts, but also from the surge. the tidal surge that happened here, the exterior, things are just thrown around and as we walked around, you can see that. it was not just devastation from the fire that's here. it's from the tidal surge. >> it's so devastating to be here to see it. it's like a war zone to us. >> reporter: now, there are a couple of people who live here year round. there was one firefighter who actually helped. he said,
's one of the reasons the national guard has been called out in certain areas, to assist local law enforcement. in some cases, they're literally going door to door, checking on the welfare. they have also brought out heavy equipment to help with the removal of snow, because it's so heavy, it just a plow that can move it anymore. you need earth-moving equipment. so far, they are hoping people are staying put. as far as trying to account for anybody, they don't have anybody known to be missing and they don't have any rescue operations under way, but they will admit it will get worse tonight before it will get better. >> martin vsavage, thank you vey much reporting from west virginia. >>> up next, a 250,000 pound crane. it is still tonight dangling 90 stories above midtown manhattan. the question is, can it be brought down safely? we have someone who knows that answer. >>> and floating cars and flooded subways have brought a large part of new york city to a standstill. one of the greatest subway systems in the world and relied upon by millions to make this city function. it's shun dow
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Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)